Subject: Re: take2; using pkglibtool
To: None <>
From: Kazuki Sakamoto <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/07/1999 16:00:24 wrote:

 > Um, even after looking at the patch, I'm not sure I understand the
 > difference between LTCONFIG_OVERRIDE[*] and LIBTOOL_OVERRIDE. They both
 > seem to name the path of the libtool?

"ltconfig" is script to make "libtool" script.
"ltconfig" is executed by GNU's "configure" script at "do-configure" target.

if USE_LIBTOOL and LTCONFIG_OVERRIDE defined, specified "ltconfig"
is overrided to symlink pkglibtool to "libtool" instead of making
"libtool" before executing "configure".

if USE_LIBTOOL and LIBTOOL_OVERRIDE defined, specified "libtool" is
removed, and symlinked from pkglibtool after executing "configure"
(and "ltconfig").

In most cases, LTCONFIG_OVERRIDE is useful and LIBTOOL_OVERRIDE is
not needed. When software has already original "libtool" which we can
substitute by pkglibtool, LIBTOOL_OVERRIDE is useful.

 > Please don't forget pkgsrc/Packages.txt... :-)

Please help my poor English :-)