Subject: Re: boehm-gc in dynamic libs
To: None <>
From: Mario Kemper <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/03/1999 13:42:11
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In article <199912022346.IAA07038@azarin.localnet>,
	SUNAGAWA Keiki <> writes:
> (Mario Kemper) wrote:
> Mario> ./test_cpp 1 2>/dev/null&&echo ok       
> Mario> Starting iteration 1 
> Mario> The test appears to have succeeded. 
> Mario> ok 
> well it's ok.
> Mario> But still no luck with oo2c.
> How does it fail?  Any error message do you get?  Need more
> info...
It hangs in an endless loop.

Some background: oo2c is an oberon to c compiler. Oberon is a
programming language by Wirth derived from ModulaII with object
oriented features. It makes heavy use of a garbage collector for
automatic deallocation of data structures.

I can build the system library (io functions and stuff) static. That
works but produces large binaries. Or i compile it using shared
libraries without the gc. This works too, but you run out of memory
fast as nothing gets freed.
The third version - shared lib with gc - hangs most of the time in an
endless loop or fails with a segfault. As the compiler is written in
oberon itself it makes use of the system lib and the gc.

If you're interested, oo2c is available from

The following little test program i sufficent to trigger the problem:
  Out.String("Hello world");
END Test. 
to compile: oo2c --make Test

Mario Kemper