Subject: Re: Ssh install
To: None <>
From: Wenchi Liao <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/03/1999 10:05:11
James Wetterau wrote:
>Hubert Feyrer says:
>> On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, James Wetterau wrote:
>> > So, perhaps this could be modified or documented more fully in
>> > the installation files accompanying this package?
>> Assuming that you installed from pkgsrc, the message you got was something
>> like:
>> 	Unacceptable license: ${LICENSE} - set ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES in
>> 	/etc/mk.conf to include ${LICENSE} to make this package 
>It's been a while, but I thought the message was more like this:
>Unacceptable license: non-commercial-use - add non-commercial-use to your
>acceptable licenses list to make this package.
>I don't recall seeing mention of /etc/mk.conf.  That certainly would
>have resolved the problem for me.  In any event, if this message has
>been made more explicit, or I simply misread it, I apologize for
>wasting the list readers' time.

Either way, /etc/mk.conf (IIRC) isn't part of the ``standard''

My first thought was there would a sample mk.conf file in
/usr/share/ somewhere, so I installed the misc package (I
usually don't care to install the sample files, the
dictionaries, etc). I poked around /usr/share/mk but nothing
looked promising.

Then, I did what I probably should have done at first: man
mk.conf and realized that it was in /usr/pkgsrc/mk. ech.