Subject: KDE broken !?
To: NetBSD packages <>
From: Bjoern Labitzke <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/25/1999 01:19:46

It seems the latest changes to KDE concerning the giflib have broken
the packages. At the moment I get:

===>  kde-1.1.2 depends on package: kdeutils-1.1.2
===>  Verifying install for ../../misc/kdeutils
===>  Configuring for kdeutils-1.1.2
[...some config stuff skipped...]
checking if STL implementation is SGI like... yes
checking for giflib... configure: error: You need giflib30. Please install the kdesupport package
*** Error code 1

I deinstalled the complete kde package set and the giflib. The install
procedure built kdelibs, kdebase and libungif (and perhaps a few other
things), but stopped with the above error. It seems the giflib is left
out of kdeutils explicitly in the Makefile, but either there is no
replacement or if libungif should serve as replacement it isn't 
integrated correctly.

As there have been some changes to KDE in the last days it may be that 
the packages are still somehow changing, so I rather ask here first before
filing a PR. Any fixes appreciated...

Bye, Bjoern

Bjoern Labitzke  <>
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