Subject: packages installed in NetBSD base system.
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/14/1999 15:34:22
I'm just reviewing some logs of a bulk build, and noticed the following

		.if exists(/usr/bin/install-info)
		IGNORE=                 "is included with your NetBSD distribution"

	make package:
		make package (gtexinfo-3.12)
		===>  gtexinfo-3.12 is included with your NetBSD distribution.


		ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM=      SunOS-*-*       # in NetBSD base system

	make package:
		make package (rcs-5.7)
		===>  rcs-5.7 does not work on NetBSD-1.4.1-mipsel.

One of these is distinctly friendlier than the other :-)

A simple solution for RCS would be something like

	.if exists(/usr/bin/rcs)
	IGNORE=  "is included with your NetBSD distribution"

but then I'm not sure what the goals of the package system are as far as
support for ``alien'' systems - I only really care about the *NetBSD*
package system on NetBSD systems ;).  For instance, it seems like we
support Linux to some extent - do some distributions of linux include
RCS?  Do they put it in /usr/bin or /usr/i/am/another/linux/distribution
or whatever?

I'm tempted to go with my "simple solution" unless beaten into
submission by a large stick...