Subject: Re: automatic package statistics
To: None <>
From: Julian Assange <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/14/1999 04:25:12
Kevin Schoedel <> writes:

> Please don't. Not everyone has a network connection for which a
> single udp packet is 'free'. Consider for example someone whose box
> makes a demand-dialled call at peak rate to send you that packet.
> Or someone whose network is temporarily broken and has to wait for
> a DNS lookup to time out.

Compared to downloading a package this is utterly trivial. It could be
disabled if your worried about a few udp packets and are (say)
installing packages from cdrom.

> configurable and default to localhost. I'd prefer mail, actually,
> (again defaulting to a local destination) since it's easier to
> process and filter.

If it defaults to the local destination it's useless (for the
goals I'm trying to reach).