Subject: Re: apache/php/mysql
To: Eirik Nicolai Synnes <>
From: Michael Santos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/11/1999 20:03:54
On Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 04:24:26PM +0100, Eirik Nicolai Synnes wrote:
> I have not looked too closely at the apache/php3 packages yet so I am not
> 100% sure how they are set up, but I can't see the php3-mysql package
> telling apache or php3 that there's a mysql module around.
> The error you quote is what you would get if the mysql extension has not
> been loaded into memory. You probably just need to add something like

The source of the error was caused from my neglecting to load the module via:


in the php3.ini, as you had expected. 

>   if(!dl("")) {
>     echo "Could not load mysql module.\n";
>     exit;
>   }

This is a cool trick.

> to your script. You can also force loading of specified modules at startup
> in php3.ini, httpd.conf or .htaccess. Look under Extension Loading
> Directives at
> There's a also section on MySQL specific directives.

Ah, yes, the manual, one would think I would check there first for answers

Thanks again for all the help! My test server is up and running, and so far
the performance has been pretty impressive.

Michael Santos