Subject: Re: spelling dicts
To: None <>
From: Kimmo Suominen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/15/1999 00:20:14
One idea might be using the language codes from /usr/share/misc/language
and stick to them throughout pkgsrc in the future.  For country codes I'd
use the two letter codes from /usr/share/misc/country (same as the top-
level domains).

I like the short codes so the package names don't end up overly long (more
space is left available for the basename of the package), and these codes
are already familiar from locale settings to many users.

+ Kim writes:

| Anyway, is there a standard naming convention for stuff like that?  Right
| now I have:
| the dictionary packages:
| ted-Czech
| ted-Danish
| ted-Dutch
| ted-French
| ted-German
| ted-Italian
| ted-Norwegian
| ted-Portuguese
| ted-Spanish
| ted-Swedish
| ted-UK_English
| ted-US_English
Kimmo Suominen