Subject: ptl2 on mips
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/14/1999 12:53:06

I've come across a couple of problems trying to get ptl2 to work on mips.

First - when configure guesses GCC_STDINCLUDE, it looks for the
files included when including <stdarg.h>.  On a mips system,
<machine/stdarg.h> includes <mips/stdarg.h>, and GCC_STDINCLUDE gets set
to "/usr/include\n/usr/include/mips" and this buggers up sed expressions
further on.  I've fixed this by changing the line in from:

	gcc -E ... | grep '# 1 .*stdarg.h' | sed -e 's@^.*"\(.*\)/stdarg\.h".*$@\1@'
	gcc -E ... | grep '# 1 .*stdarg.h' | sed -e 's@^.*"\(.*\)/stdarg\.h".*$@\1@;q'

Note the ';q' at the end of the sed expression.  No problems anyone can
see with this?

Second - sometimes ptl2 thinks it's on a "mips-dec-netbsd1.4K", others
a "pmax-unknown-netbsd1.4K" and get's right royally confused when
looking for files.  To get started, I just changed "mips-dec" in various
config.* files to "pmax-unknown", but I'm guessing that it should
be "mipsel-unknown" and "mipseb-unknown".  If so, do I just treak
config.guess to output this?

I've now got something that compiles, but doesn't work, and no obvious
ideas jump out at me.  Any mips people wanna take a look at what I have
so far?