Subject: Re: libcurses won't build
To: Luke Mewburn <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/22/1999 01:37:51
On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Luke Mewburn wrote:

> Frederick Bruckman writes:
> > Try this: 
> > 
> > ftp
> > -o slang-1.3.7.tar.gz
> > 
> > What it does on 1.4.1 is make a file "gd.html" in the current
> > directory.
> The same operation on current (actually,
> 	ftp -o slang-1.3.7.tar.gz
> ) saved the redirected file to slang-1.3.7.tar.gz. Maybe 1.4.1 needs
> some of the -current fixes `pulled up'

Yes, that works fine in 1.4.1. The -o needs to go first. My mistake.

> > The only problem I see with using -o in the pkgsrc stuff (except that
> > it didn't work!) is that pkgsrc has an option to use other command
> > line tools besides ftp, like "fetch". Who has "fetch"? It would be
> > interesting to see how fetch handles the above url, or whether it has
> > an -o option.
> The FETCH_CMD should specify -o in that case? Maybe the pkgsrc gurus
> know more.

"FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS='-o $${bfile}' make fetch" in /devel/libslang
causes the second site to fail checksum and go on to,
even w/o Hubert Feyrer's last change. (I was trying "FETCH_AFTER_ARGS
before!) That could be set conditionally in the same place that
FETCH_CMD is set, but today I'm not so sure that's such a good idea.

Entering this command


immediately redirects to ntp-4.0.94a.tar.gz, same site, which is an
entirely different file, different checksum. The just announced 4.0.94
had a file missing, so the redirect probably does the right thing for
most people. With "-o", if there were a package for 4.0.94, "make
install" would download 4.0.94a, all 5 M, then fail checksum and
immediately begin to overwrite ntp-4.0.94.tar.gz with the original
file from MASTER_SITE_BACKUP. With the current pkgsrc, without "-o",
you still download 4.0.94a.tar.gz for nothing, but you get to keep it.
There are no winners here. :(