Subject: Problems with openldap package
To: <>
From: Sean Witham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/21/1999 10:50:34
I seem to have a problem with my NetBSD-1.4 build (i386), as after a
installation of the openldap package I found the admin tool ldif2ldbm
with a run time linking problem.

For some reason when the packages is build from source on my machine it
this tool
is linked against the dynamic lib libwrap. One of the libwrap functions
the application it links with to provide references to variables
and deny_severity and at run time the ldif2ldbm tool complains that
can't be resolved.

Any ideas why this is happening on my machine, I take it this is not a
problem as the package is available in binary form. I'm attempted to
download it
at the moment to see if I have any extra luck. If I do i'd still like to
what it is wrong with my package build environment.

Any advice that may help track down the cause of the problem is
appreciated as it
may effect other packages as I go on with the installation work.