Subject: Re: User-level pkg documentation?
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/16/1999 13:44:37
On Fri, 16 Jul 1999 wrote:
>  - pkg_info.  Hm.  There's no easy way that I've found to get
>    complete information dumped about a package without having to
>    know the exact version installed.  The -e option seemed to
>    have the ability to match on a regexp, but it just quietly
>    tests for the existence of a particular package and doesn't
>    print any info (such as the actual version installed...).

1st, you must be running a _really_ old pkg_info, if yours given with -e
doesn't tell you anything:

smaug# pi -e lsof\*

2nd, wildcards (this is an enhanced csh-glob, not RE!) can be used for
anything that a package name may be given:

smaug# pi lsof\*
Information for lsof-4.43:

Lists information about open files.

>  - I admit that it's a while since I read Packages.txt, but at
>    the time I found it slightly confusing, and that it probably
>    talked to the wrong audience -- it mixed internal implementation
>    documentation of the package system with a more user-oriented
>    documentation of what a developer normally needs to do to create
>    or update a package.  In particular I'm missing a short overview
>    of the targets to "make" that are needed in order to maintain a
>    package.  (What triggered this was the recent introduction of the
>    checksums file for the patches.)

Um, please have a look at pkgsrc/README - it's intended as "user
documentation". :)

Take care,


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