Subject: teTeX-1.0 proposal
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/15/1999 06:47:20
After everyone rushed to volunteer for the teTeX upgrade, I've started to
look into it, and would like to suggest (for whoever will finish this :-)
the following layout.

teTeX 1.0 comes with one big (>30MB) machine independent file (texmf), and
a 8MB source-file; in order to start compiling, you need the MI-file
installed. For this to get done, I suggest we split this up in independent

teTeX-share:	- contain whatever is in teTeX-texmf-1.0.tar.gz (the 30MB
teTeX-core: 	- depends on teTeX-share, so the files are installed before
		  the compiler gets going
	    	- contains all the binaries etc.
teTeX-sharesrc: - contain the sources of teTeX-share, in case someone 
		  wants/needs it.
teTeX:       	- a meta-package depending on teTeX-core and

If you think that the teTeX-sharesrc and teTeX pkgs should be left out and
teTeX-core be renamed to teTeX, that's a possible way to safe a bit of
diskspace. Be aware that the installation will still need something
between 50 and 100MB!

What I've done so far is started to collect the things for the teTeX-core
package, and got the teTeX-share package done. If someone wants to have
a look, it's all available at right now. If someone
wants to take over, feel free to do so. I need some sleep now... n8!

 - Hubert

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