Subject: Re: dependencies
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Mirian Crzig Lennox <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/24/1999 11:12:52
David Maxwell <> writes:
> However, pkg creators can choose whether to allow only a specific
> version, or anything >= a version. (I believe.) And it's probably
> just that the person who packaged foo didn't know about the newer
> version, or couldn't guarantee that it would work.
> Is this pkgsrc-current or pkgsrc-1.4 ?   It may already have been
> updated.

I'm running the 1.4 release of NetBSD, not NetBSD-current.

What I did was download the latest packages of everything from
packages/1.4/All/ and burned those onto a CD.  Then I tried to pkg_add
enlightenment from the mounted CD.

I *really* do like that pkg_add recursively installs required packages
if it finds them, unlike rpm.  But it was kind of a pain that I still
ended up having to play games with dependencies, as well as little
annoyances like having to make symlinks because a package was looking
for specific minor versions of some shared libraries.

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