Subject: Netscape package and 'flash' shockwave plugin
To: None <,>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/21/1999 10:38:13
	The i386 navigator and communicator pkgsrc packages can use the
	macromedia 'flash' plugin to display shockwave enabled web pages.
	I have a quick patch that updates the communicator package to
	automatically install the appropriate on i386.
	This adds approx 248K to a 30MB package.

	I've mailed macromedia to see if there are any distribution
	issues, but I'm curious as to what people believe the best
	option is:

	a) Update communicator and navigator packages to automatically
	   include flash on i386.
		Easiest, it Just Works, but means users cannot install
		on i386 _without_ flash. Also means if both communicator
		and naviagator are installed, both have seperate flash.

	b) Update only communicator as it is the 'kitchen sink' install.

	c) Add a new 'ns-flash' package.
		Much more extensible in the long run. Would want to share
		plugin dir between communicator and navigator, and would
		also want to depend on _either_ navigator and communicator
		package (I don't know if we can do this?)

	So... a) or b) are easy, c) is a can of worms :)

	I currently favour 'b)'.


	For non i386 users - apologies. At some point I'm sure we'll
	switch the sparc port across to the solaris netscape binary
	at which point the solaris flash plugin will work. None of this
	helps my arm32 box :/


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