Subject: Re: Japanese packages (Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc)
To: Kazuki Sakamoto <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/18/1999 13:21:51
Kazuki Sakamoto wrote about Re: Japanese packages (Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc): wrote:
: > An example package: x11/rxvt
: > rxvt for non Japanese users does not want to support Japanese at all.
: > There can easily be a non-insignificant amount of memory usage difference
: > between a Japanese supported build and non Japanese supported build.
: > Of course, note that rxvt for Japanese is not in our pkgsrc at this time.
:In rxvt, the support of Japanese cannot be merged for another reason.
:rxvt supports kanji(Japanese), big5(Chinese), gb(Chinese), greek keybord.

Yes but I'm changing it for the next main rxvt release so it mostly won't be
true then - only the greek keyboard part will be incompatible.  Not counting
the greek keyboard version, rxvt future release will have a rxvt without
kanji/big5/gb/other-multichar-glyph-languages and one with - and you can boil
it down to only two different builds.
However, all that aside, it is true now.  The major point that eluded me
(but Todd Vierling graciously pointed out) was binary packages (which I never
use) which is the big sticking point at this time.

:But, these features conflict(see src/rxvt.h). Only one feature can be used
:at the same time.
:The solution,
:	1. Add options mk.conf, as RXVT_USE_FEATURE= kanji,big5,gb,greek.
:	2. Make directory as japanese/rxvt,chinese/rxvt-big5,
:	   chinese/rxvt-gb,greek/rxvt.
:	   MASTERDIR=../../x11/rxvt, CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --enable-kanji,
:	   PKGNAME=ja-rxvt-2.6.0 , etc.
:1. has problem about method of automatic making binary packages.
:'make package' makes only 'rxvt-2.6.0' package.
:'ja-rxvt-2.6.0', 'zh-rxvt-big5-2.6.0', 'zh-rxvt-bg-2.6.0', 'el-rxvt-2.6.0'
:are not made by current
:2. multiplies package directories.

Not the best situation at the moment.  So I guess we'd be stuck with several
binary packages if we supported all those (which we don't since only
Japanese is at current date).  Package people will just have to
encourage program maintainers/developers to provide integrated support for
multiple languages in the one build if it's feasible/sensible.
Well.... come on..... encourage me  :-)

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