Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in May 1999
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/03/1999 00:55:20
Changes to the Packages Collection in May 1999

After the freeze to pkgsrc for the 1.4 release, a large number of
packages were added to the collection in May - notables include:  some
Japanese packages, analog, php and associated modules, fltk, freewais,
gcombust, gnome-pim, gqmpeg, hfsutils, ldapsdk, libxml, mtv, various
perl modules, plp, postfix, the SuSe Linux packages (thanks,
Matthias), url2pkg, usbutil, w3c-httpd, wmakerconf, wterm.  Notable
updates to packages include:  communicator/navigator, control-center,
ddd, fetchmail, glib, gtk, gnome, ircII, lsof, lyx, mkhybrid, mrtg,
mswordview, mysql, pico/pine, ptl2, R, sane, squid, ssh, sudo,
windowmaker, xps, xscreensaver.

Hubert also suggested that I should give a special mention to packages
which are found to be useful or invaluable, and his nominations for
this month's "Cool Package" award are:

> With "gqmpeg" we now have a very nice frontend for mpg123 that has
> support for both shaped skins and is also capable of using WinAmp
> skins.  To help produce your own CDs, you can now use "gcombust",
> which assembles cdrecord and mkhybrid under a simple to use,
> graphical user interface.
> I've used both of them in the past few days, and though i'm not the
> mouse type of person, I still love 'em.  :)

Nominations for next month's "Cool Package" award gratefully received.

Alistair G. Crooks
Thu Jun  3 08:48:18 BST 1999

Packages added to the Packages Collection

	Added ack-1.39 [sakamoto 1999-05-10]
ack - a Japanese code converter

	Added analog-3.2 [tron 1999-05-09]
An extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles.

	Added ap-php-3.0.7 [tv 1999-05-03]
PHP3 server module for Apache

	Added atari800-0.9.8 [tv 1999-05-23]
Atari 8-bit computer, 5200 console emulator

	Added batchftp-1.02 [tron 1999-05-30]
Automatically download files via the FTP protocol.

	Added bozohttpd-5.0 [bad 1999-05-19]
bozotic HTTP server; small and secure.

	Added bunzip-0.21 [tv 1999-05-22]
Decompressor for bzip .bz files

	Added cbmconvert-2.0.5 [tv 1999-05-22]
Converts files to and from various C64/C128/CBM formats.

	Added cdlabelgen-1.1.3 [hubertf 1999-05-15]
generate frontcards and traycards for CDs

	Added fltk-1.0.2 [sakamoto 1999-05-06]
C++ graphical user interface toolkit for X.

	Added freewais-sf-2.2.12 [bad 1999-05-11]
An enhanced Wide Area Information Server

	Added gcombust-0.1.12 [hubertf 1999-05-15]
Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkhybrid, cdrecord, ...)

	Added gnome-pim-1.0.7 [rh 1999-05-03]
A Personal Information Manager for GNOME.

	Added gnome-utils-1.0.1 [rh 1999-05-03]
A set of useful GNOME utilities and applications.

	Added gqmpeg-0.5.1 submitted in PR 7532
		by Rui-Xiang Guo <> [hubertf 1999-05-13]
a X Windows front end to the mpg123

	Added hfsutils-3.2.6 [wrstuden 1999-05-19]
HFS (not HFS+) disk access tools

	Added hpack-0.79 [tv 1999-05-22]
Multi-System Archiver with open keys PGP-based security.

	Added jdb-1.5 [bad 1999-05-17]
a package of commands for manipulating flat-ASCII databases.

	Added ldapsdk-12311998 [hwr 1999-05-18]
The LDAP C-SDK from the Mozilla projekt.

	Added libxml-1.0.0 [rh 1999-05-03]
An XML parser, mainly used by the GNOME project.

	Added lv-4.40 [sakamoto 1999-05-10]
Powerful Multilingual File Viewer

	Added mtv- [tron 1999-05-17]
MPEG Video+Audio and VCD Player

	Added nkf-1.7 [sakamoto 1999-05-10]
Network Kanji code conversion Fileter

	Added p5-AtExit-2.01 [bad 1999-05-12]
Provides an ANSI C style atexit() function to Perl programs.

	Added p5-FileKGlob-1.2 [bad 1999-05-12]
Expand a Unix file glob into a list of matching file names.

	Added p5-LDAP-1.2.2 [hwr 1999-05-24]
Perl5 module to build LDAP clients with perl.

	Added p5-pilot-link-0.9.0 [tron 1999-05-20]
perl interface to pilot-link library

	Added p5-Wais-2.311 [bad 1999-05-11]
perl5 module for accessing WAIS servers.

	Added php-3.0.7 [tv 1999-05-03]
PHP3 HTML-embedded programming language with database connectivity

	Added php3-gd-3.0.7 [tv 1999-05-03]
PHP3 extension for GD graphics library

	Added php3-ldap-3.0.7 [tv 1999-05-03]
PHP3 extension for LDAP databases

	Added php3-mysql-3.0.7 [tv 1999-05-06]
PHP3 extension for MySQL databases

	Added php3-pgsql-3.0.7 [explorer 1999-05-15]
PHP3 extension for PostgreSQL databases

	Added php3-snmp-3.0.7 [tv 1999-05-03]
PHP3 extension for SNMP databases

	Added pilotmgr-1.107 [tron 1999-05-24]
synchronize databases on any 3Com Palm device.

	Added plp-1.7 [sakamoto 1999-05-06]
Tools to talk to the PSION organiser

	Added postfix-19990317p05 [christos 1999-05-29]
postfix smtp server and tools

	Added py-gd 1.3 [tsarna 1999-05-02]
A Python interface to gd

	Added sharutils-4.2 [tv 1999-05-22]
Allow packing and unpacking of shell archives.

	Added snooper-980813 [sakamoto 1999-05-12]
serial line protocol analyzer (need two serial interfaces)

	Added squsq-3.3 [tv 1999-05-22]
Compressor/decompressor for CP/M Squeeze compressed files

	Added stella-1.1 [tv 1999-05-18]
A multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator.

	Added suse_base-6.1 [tron 1999-05-17]
Linux compatibility package

	Added suse_compat-6.1 [tron 1999-05-21]
Linux compatibility package with old shared libraries

	Added suse_libc5-6.1 [tron 1999-05-17]
Linux compatibility package for libc5 binaries

	Added suse_linux-6.1 [tron 1999-05-18]
Linux compatibility package collection

	Added suse_x11-6.1 [tron 1999-05-17]
Linux compatibility package for X11 binaries

	Added suse_xforms [tron 1999-05-17]
Linux compatibility package for xforms binaries

	Added undms-1.3 [tv 1999-05-22]
Converts .dms Amiga disk images to uncompressed .adf images

	Added unlzx-1.0 [tv 1999-05-22]
Extracts .lzx archives from Amiga systems

	Added url2pkg-1.3 [hubertf 1999-05-06]
Shellscript to help with the first steps to build a package.

	Added usbutil-0.1 [augustss 1999-05-19]
USB developer utilities.

	Added w3c-httpd-3.0A [tron 1999-05-09]
WWW server from the W3 Consortium (W3C).

	Added wmakerconf-1.99.4 [rh 1999-05-03]
A gtk+ based configuration tool for WindowMaker

	Added wterm-6.2.6 [rh 1999-05-03]
NeXTStep(tm) style X11 terminal emulator for WindowMaker.

	Added wwwcount-2.5 [tron 1999-05-15]
Graphical access counter, clock and date indicator for WWW pages

	Added x2x-1.27 [mjl 1999-05-28]
One keyboard and mouse to control multiple X displays

	Added xmailbox-2.5 [bouyer 1999-05-25]
An enhenced xbiff, with pixmap and sound support.

	Added xsidplay 1.3.5 [frueauf 1999-05-12]
a sidplay x11 frontend.

	Added zope-confera 1.2.0 [tsarna 1999-05-03]
Confera: Threaded discussion groups for Zope

Updated Packages in the Packages Collection

	Updated analog to 3.3 [tron 1999-05-29]
An extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles.

	Updated baduki to 0.2.7 [bad 1999-05-02]
a Go playing program based on xamigo

	Updated communicator to 4.6 [jlam 1999-05-24]
Netscape communicator complete install - BSDi/SunOS binary

	Updated control-center to 1.0.5 [rh 1999-05-02]
GNOME control-center development library

	Updated ddd to 3.1.5 [frueauf 1999-05-30]
Data Display Debugger -- a common graphical front-end for GDB/DBX/XDB

	Updated fetchmail to 5.0.2 [frueauf 1999-05-02]
	Updated fetchmail to 5.0.3 [frueauf 1999-05-03]
batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap.

	Updated gd to build shared libraries, closes PR#7403 by
		Jarkko Torppa [tsarna 1999-05-02]
A graphics library for fast GIF creation

	Updated geda to 19990516 [rh 1999-05-21]
a toolset for automating electronic design.

	Updated glade to 0.4.1 [rh 1999-05-02]
a user interface builder for GTK+.

	Updated glib to 1.2.2 [tron 1999-05-02]
Some useful routines for C programming.

	Updated gnome-libs to 1.0.9 [tron 1999-05-02]
libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnugo to 2.0 [bad 1999-05-02]
a Go playing program

	Updated gqmpeg to 0.5.2 [hubertf 1999-05-15]
	Updated gqmpeg to 0.6.0 [hubertf 1999-05-27]
	Updated gqmpeg to 0.6.1 [hubertf 1999-05-30]
a X Windows front end to the mpg123

	Updated gtk+ to 1.2.2 [tron 1999-05-02]
The gimp toolkit. Libraries for building X11 user interfaces.

	Updated ircII to 4.4I [mrg 1999-05-22]
The 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client.

	Updated lsof to 4.42_w [bad 1999-05-05]
Lists information about open files.

	Updated lv to 4.41 [sakamoto 1999-05-10]
Powerful Multilingual File Viewer

	Updated lyx to 1.0.2 [frueauf 1999-05-09]
a graphical frontend for LaTeX (nearly WYSIWYG).

	Updated mkhybrid to 1.12b5.2 [hubertf 1999-05-15]
create a hybrid ISO9660/JOLIET/HFS/Rock Ridge filesystem.

	Updated mrtg to 2.7.4 [rh 1999-05-22]
The Multi-Router Traffic Grapher

	Updated mswordview to 0.5.9 [hwr 1999-05-23]
Microsoft Word 8.0 (Office 97) to HTML document translator.

	Updated mysql-client to 3.22 [tv 1999-05-06]
MySQL, a free SQL database (client)

	Updated mysql-server to 3.22 [tv 1999-05-06]
MySQL, a free SQL database (server)

	Updated navigator to 4.6 [jlam 1999-05-24]
Netscape navigator standalone browser - BSDi/SunOS binary

	Updated p5-MIME-Base64 to 2.11 [bad 1999-05-13]
perl5 module for Base64 and Quoted-Printable encodings

	Updated p5-pilot-link to 0.9.3 [tron 1999-05-23]
perl interface to pilot-link library

	Updated pico to 3.5 [tv 1999-05-01]
Text editor (ships with Pine), and Pine's text editing lib.

	Updated pilot-link to 0.9.3 [frueauf 1999-05-22]
Tools to talk to the 3Com Pilot PDA

	Updated pine to 4.10 [tv 1999-05-01]
Program for Internet E-mail and News

	Updated ptl2 to 990512 [msaitoh 1999-05-12]
Portable user-level Thread Library 2 written by Kota Abe.

	Updated R to 0.64.1 [jlam 1999-05-25]
a language for data analysis and graphics.

	Updated sane to 1.0.1 [rh 1999-05-03]
API for access to scanners, digitals camera, frame grabbers etc.

	Updated sidplay to 1.36.34 [frueauf 1999-05-10]
tools for playing sidtunes.

	Updated simh to 2.3d [tv 1999-05-22]
A PDP, IBM 1401, and Nova CPU simulator.

	Updated slrn to [mjl 1999-05-19]
A powerful threaded newsreader, that is highly customizable.

	Updated squid to 2.2s2 [tron 1999-05-02]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Updated ssh to 1.2.27 [bouyer 1999-05-15]
Secure shell client and server (remote login program).

	Updated sudo to 1.5.9p1 [frueauf 1999-05-09]
Allow others to run commands as root.

	Updated unarj to 2.43 [tv 1999-05-22]
Allows files to be extracted from ARJ archives.

	Updated unrar to 2.50 [tv 1999-05-22]
Extract, view & test RAR archives.

	Updated vice to 1.0 [tv 1999-05-18]
An emulator for C64, C128, CBM-II, PET, and VIC-20

	Updated windowmaker to 0.53.0 [rh 1999-05-02]
This window manager is a GNUStep-compliant NEXTSTEP(tm) clone.

	Updated wmakerconf to 2.1 [rh 1999-05-23]
A gtk+ based configuration tool for WindowMaker

	Updated xhippo to 0.85 [hubertf 1999-05-30]
A generic playlist manager for UNIX

	Updated xps to 3.10 [sakamoto 1999-05-24]
displays the Unix process list as a hierarchical tree

	Updated xsane to 0.22 [rh 1999-05-03]
A new improved frontend for SANE.

	Updated xscreensaver to 3.10 [frueauf 1999-05-02]
	Updated xscreensaver to 3.12 [frueauf 1999-05-17]
a screen saver and locker for the X window system.

Other miscellaneous changes

	Removed linux_SuSE [tron 1999-05-18]
Made obsolete by the new suse_* packages

	Split mysql into mysql-client and mysql-server [tv 1999-05-06]