Subject: Re: postfix change to pkg_install, again
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/29/1999 18:20:39
On May 29,  6:07pm, (Todd Vierling) wrote:
-- Subject: postfix change to pkg_install, again

| >From postfix's PLIST:
| /etc/postfix/postfix-script
| /etc/postfix/LICENSE
| Can I repeat HUH!?
| First off, why is LICENSE here?  It belongs in ${PREFIX}/share/doc/postfix.
| Also, if "postfix-script" is meant to be human editable, it should not be
| mentioned in the PLIST; instead, it should be installed to
| ${PREFIX}/share/postfix/postfix-script.example and conditionally copied to
| /etc/postfix if it doesn't exist.
| This kind of thing really should have bene discussed here first; it has been
| ratted many times and we have had clean methods of doing this for a while.

0. Can we chill out a bit, there *are* reasons for this. 
1. /etc/postfix/postfix-script
   postfix looks for this in $config_directory/postfix-script
   $config_directory is where all the .cf files are located,
   and has to be machine specific.
   I could either:
	- change the source
	- override all the defaults in the config file.
   The file not human-editable so it belongs in the PLIST.
   I did not want to make our postfix installation *different* than
   everyone else's.
2. /etc/postfix/LICENSE
   I just took the Makefiles that perry and luke (I think) did. They
   had LICENSE installed in /etc, so I left it. I did not think that
   someone would blow a fuse over it :-)

As for the previous '/' change in PLIST, I discussed it with Al before
doing it.