Subject: proposal 6a: general cleanup
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/21/1999 13:22:45
Comments, please.

Change Log:

6->6a	Added ALL_ENV and PATH setting.


$Revision: 1.1 $

This proposal defines the following variable modifications in the interest
of cleaning up unused or rarely used features of which may be
accomplished by cleaner means.

- Makefile.${OPSYS}/Makefile.${MACHINE_ARCH} inclusion:  Removed.

- FILESDIR:  ${OPSYS} and ${MACHINE_ARCH} specializations removed.

- SCRIPTDIR:  ${OPSYS} and ${MACHINE_ARCH} specializations removed.

- PKGDIR:  ${OPSYS} and ${MACHINE_ARCH} specializations removed.

- NO_WRKSUBDIR:  Removed.  Replaced with WRKSRC=${WRKDIR} in appropriate

- MASTER_SITE_FREEBSD:  Removed to discourage use of MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE
  with (or, for that matter).

- ALL_ENV:  Environment variables passed to all third party scripts and
  Make invocations.  Implicitly added to CONFIGURE_ENV, MAKE_ENV, and

- PATH will be overridden in ALL_ENV, to insert ${LOCALBASE}/bin and
  ${X11BASE}/bin _before_ the existing $PATH, to ensure that appropriate
  progrms are found during package configuration.


-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.