Subject: Re: "EXTRACT_AFTER_ARGS" in p5-gdbm-5.4.4
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/19/1999 13:51:09
Hi Simon,

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Simon Burge wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what the "EXTRACT_AFTER_ARGS" is in p5-gdbm's
> Makefile?  I can find no reference in mk/ of this.  This
> is on a 1.4 machine, but it appears the -current also has the same
> problem.
> Here's a bit of the Makefile:
> 	EXTRACT_ELEMENTS=       perl5.004_04/ext/GDBM_File
> 	WRKSRC=                 ${WRKDIR}/${EXTRACT_AFTER_ARGS}
> Changing it to:
> 	EXTRACT_ELEMENTS=       perl5.004_04/ext/GDBM_File
> 	WRKSRC=                 ${WRKDIR}/${EXTRACT_ELEMENTS}
> seems to work ok, but obviously doesn't handle the general case if more
> than one "thing" is in EXTRACT_ELEMENTS.

It seems the extraction process was rototiles several times within the
last few weeks, and i think this just fell through the cracks - i've fixed
this now, thanks. 

For your question, the "canonical" way to extract several files is to set
EXTRACT_ONLY (which defaults to all distfiles). If you want a special
extraction command, put it in EXTRACT_CMD, and refer to the (single)
distfile to be extracted (in this look's run) with ${DOWNLOADED_DISTFILE}.
If you need only some files extracted from a tar- or whatever archive, set
EXTRACT_ELEMENTS (defaulting to all).

Returning to your original question, setting WRKSRC to anything like
EXTRACT_ELEMENTS (or similar the old EXTRACT_AFTER_ARGS), this only works
if you have one element to extract, of course.

I hope this helps a bit.

 - Hubert

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