Subject: Re: gimp depends on emacs?
To: Jim Wise <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/03/1999 20:35:21
On Mon, 3 May 1999, Jim Wise wrote:
> IMHO, that's not really the issue here.  For every copy of the GIMP
> built from our package, the content of those files will be identical.
> Many of don't have emacs installed, and don't want to -- having to
> install it if the gimp couldn't be built without would be perfectly
> reasonable, but having to install it in order to dynamically generate
> two files which we already know what the contents of will be seems...
> broken.

You say, why should I install emacs to get two files which I know in
advance how they look like.

I say, why not get *all* files that I know in advance how they look like.

I don't see how this is not the issue here.

 - Hubert

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