Subject: problem building festival on sparc
To: None <>
From: Brad Salai <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/01/1999 10:19:49
Trying to build festival, and then a voice produced the following. Is this only for i386, or is
something set wrong that I can change?


>> Checksum OK for festlex_OALD.tar.gz.
===>  Extracting for festlex-oald-1.3.1
===>  festlex-oald-1.3.1 depends on installed package: festival-1.3.1 - festival-1.3.1  found

gzcat: stdout: Broken pipe
===>  Patching for festlex-oald-1.3.1
===>  Configuring for festlex-oald-1.3.1
===>  Installing for festlex-oald-1.3.1
install -d -o root -g wheel -m 555 /usr/pkg/share/festival
cd /usr/pkgsrc/audio/festlex-oald/work/festival && pax -r -w * /usr/pkg/share/festival
===>  Registering installation for festlex-oald-1.3.1
festlex-oald-1.3.1 requires installed package festival-1.3.1
festlex-oald-1.3.1 requires installed package nas-1.2.5
===>  festvox-en1-1.3.1 depends on package: mbrola-linux-301g1
===>  Verifying install for ../mbrola-linux
This package is only for i386,
and you are running NetBSD on sparc.
===> mbrola-linux-301g1 did not install properly
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1