Subject: Re: pkg/7155, pkg/7432, pkg/7459
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/01/1999 17:41:03
Tim Rightnour wrote
> On 01-May-99 Berndt Josef Wulf spoke unto us all:
> #  I am willing to help in maintaing the ham category of the packages tree if
> #  workload is the pre-dominant factor of current constraints. 
> We certainly don't mean to ignore your PR's, or your package submissions by any
> means.  If we have, I apologize.  Right now though is a very bad time, with the
> release going on.  Once that calms down..  I'm sure someone will look at them.
> I don't promise anything, but maybe if I have time in a week or two.. I'll try
> them out..  One reason pkgs like this sometimes get overlooked, is the fear
> that "I can't test it, so how do I know if it works".

Many thanks for your reply. I am sorry, forgot about the upcoming

You need a "Terminal Node Controller" (tnc) in order to test
the software. This is propably one reason why it hasn't found its way
into the tree. The tnc is an interface between a radio transceiver and
computer used for radio data communication. You also need an amateur
radio license in order to operate the radio equipment. Hence it will be
difficult to evaluate these packages without equipment and appropriate

Well, I've got the equipment, license and ambitions to change this. My
ultimate goal is to write a lkm for the ax25 protocol. But this is
still a long way off ;)

tnt and tfkiss are currently working on NetBSD-1.3K-i386 and are not tested 
on other platforms although a port to DEC-Alpha is on its way. Hence
I believe, that only the pkg-src tarball and perhaps the source code needs
to be audited.

This is my first attempt of submitting work to the packages tree and
there may be some issues which I am currently not aware of ;)

In any case, I gave it my best shot....

cheerio Berndt
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