Subject: Re: IMPORTANT: and pkgsrc
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/23/1999 15:45:28
On 23 Apr 1999, Matthias Scheler wrote:

: > I'd like to reiterate that Aayone working on pkgsrc and submitting/testing
: > packages on a.out systems should remove "/usr/pkg/lib" from /etc/
: > before working with pkgsrc.
: Unfortunately this is not possible yet because "" ignores "-R" for
: setuid binaries on a.out systems. The fix for this problem is only
: available in -current at the moment, 1.4 will probably have it.

Yup, now that I know about this (since everyone failed to heed earlier
warnings and kept using a with /usr/pkg/lib... ;).

In any case, new development on 1.4.x machines, pending pullup of the
fix, should be done without /usr/pkg/lib in

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.