Subject: a quick reminder for perl-release-announce readers
To: None <>
From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/18/1999 01:47:05
A concern was raised at the perl5-porters list and I thought best
to repeat it also at perl-release-announce.
(Which means perl5-porters will get it twice, oh well...)

The purpose of the perl-release-announce is to keep both operating
system vendors/projects and Perl aware of each others' latest developments,
so that by the time when Real Releases roll out, there will be no Surprises.

It's all symbiotic: the OS suppliers test, report, and fix;
and the perl5-porters help, integrate, and fix.

The Reminder follows.

The OS suppliers MUST NOT supply Perl releases known as MAINT_TRIALs
and devel to their customers, never ever.

MAINT_TRIALs and devels are definitely unfinished and potentially
unstable developer-only releases (and in the case of devel,
potentially backwardly incompatible).  You will just gain a horde of
unhappy customers and a bunch of not amused Perl developers.
Instead, help with the MAINT_TRIALs by testing them so that true MAINTs
can be released.

To avoid accidents like this, please study Porting/pumpkin.pod and
Porting/patching.pod.  (They are beneficial reads in general, how
to work with the Perl source and how to supply patches to

(What releases then to release, press onto CDs and whatnot, you may be
 wondering?  MAINT releases, I'd say--call me superstitious but I
 think dot-zero releases should be avoided.)

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