Subject: Re: Proper use of .../NetBSD-current/tar_files/pkgsrc.tar.gz
To: Bill Squier <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/16/1999 13:16:42
On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Bill Squier wrote:

> > 	pkgsrc is designed to still be usable on the last release, so you
> > 	_should_ be fine.
> But this currently isn't true.  
> /pub/NetBSD-current/tar_files/pkgsrc.tar.gz will fail on a system
> without an up-to-date /usr/share/mk/ (one that understands
> GNU_MACHINE_ARCH mappings).  Anything that uses GNU autoconf will
> fail.
	Then this is a error, and someone should submit a PR - please do

> Or am I being bitten by a 1.3.2 / 1.3.3 difference here?
> > 	Of course once 1.4 comes out, you probably want to be switching
> > 	across :)
> True-- unless for example you use port-mac68k on an SE/30 which loses
> with changes made to the VM system.  (I'm working with second hand
> knowledge on this front-- apparently it's a known issue)  I'm not
> suggesting that pkgsrc support every release of NetBSD back to 0.8,
> but one version back seems reasonable.

	The hope is to fix that for 1.4 - if it misses 1.4 I would
	image a 1.4.1 could be pushed out as soon as it can be fixed.

	Certainly it makes sense to try to continue 1.3 support where


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