Subject: pkg collection completeness (was Re: Mosaic dependency, and a larger picture...)
To: None <>
From: <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/14/1999 09:57:03
hokay... i just looked at the pkgdeps for =

it needs glib-1.2.0; where is it? (there's a 1.1.12)
gtekinfo-3.12 (none)
gtk+-1.2.0 (1.1.12)
mpeg-1.2.1 (none)

what about 1.3.2/i386/All?  glib, none.  gtekinfo-3.12 (so, it exists but =
pkg_add wouldn't be able to automatically fetch it from there).  gtk+, =
none.  mpeg-1.2.1.

there's no 1.3.1/i386 to check.

they aren't in 1.3/i386/All.

i'm sorry.  what am i missing?  i was wrong; all the packages exist in =
some version; but where's gtk+-1.2.0?  glib-1.2.0?  i take it i can't =
expect pkg_add to do the fetching job alone?

i had thought, reading =
	These can be installed either by downloading to a local disk and running=20
	pkg_add <package>
	or directly by specifying the full URL as in:=20
	pkg_add =
that i was doing the right thing...  is my pkg_* stuff old?  it's 1.3.2... =
 i worked from All instead of <type> because it seems to nee everything in =
one directory; and only the current directory, using local files...