Subject: Out of date DEPENDS and installed packages
To: None <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/05/1999 18:43:21
	Getting tired of trying to work out which packages have been
	updated, and also which ones have outdated DEPENDS entries I've
	come up with a perl script that can:

		Check installed package versions against pkgsrc
		Check all the DEPENDS entries in pkgsrc and warn on errors

	A sample of the latter output is given at the end.

	      - Are DEPENDS of the form 'teTeX-*' legitimate?
	      - Would anyone like a copy? :)
	      - Should I commit (a definitely cleaned up) version of
		this under pkgtools? Ideas for a name (I currently
		call it 'pkg_check').
Scanning pkgsrc: ................................... (675 packages)
DEPENDS errors for emulators/compat11:
        Unknown package: 'compat12' (Maybe compat12-1.2.1)
DEPENDS errors for x11/econf:
        Unknown package: 'controlcenter-1.04'
DEPENDS errors for meta-pkgs/edesktop:
        Unknown package: 'eterm-0.8' (Maybe eterm-0.8.8)
        Unknown package: 'gimp-1.0.3' (Maybe gimp-1.0.4)
DEPENDS errors for graphics/ee:
        Unknown package: 'gnome-core-1.0.3' (Maybe gnome-core-1.0.4)
DEPENDS errors for print/lgrind:
        Unknown package: 'teTeX-*' (Maybe teTeX-0.4p8)
DEPENDS errors for devel/libg++:
        Unknown package: 'stdc++.1.'
DEPENDS errors for graphics/sane:
        Unknown package: 'gimp-1.0.3' (Maybe gimp-1.0.4)
DEPENDS errors for meta-pkgs/web-server:
        Unknown package: 'ap-auth-cookie-1.6' (Maybe ap-auth-cookie-1.6.1)
        Unknown package: 'apache-1.3.1' (Maybe apache-
        Unknown package: 'lynx-2.8' (Maybe lynx-2.8.1)
DEPENDS errors for www/web500gw:
        Unknown package: 'openldap-1.1.2' (Maybe openldap-1.2.1)
DEPENDS errors for audio/xwave:
        Unknown package: 'xpm-*' (Maybe xpm-3.4k xpmroot-2.2)


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