Subject: A question...
To: None <>
From: Timothy Coltman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/30/1999 20:18:07

Is anyone working on porting the Mico ORB to pkgsrc? I have built it
successfully outside of pkgsrc, but as it stands, it doesn't support
shared libs on NetBSD. Some of the programs that get compiled are
>8mb in length which is slightly excessive, methinks.

Ideally, Mico needs to get converted to use pkglibtool-1.2p1. I've had
one go at it but the makefiles are so convoluted and unnecessarily
complicated, it'll take me [with not much experience of getting doing
what is necessary to do the conversion] ages to get it sorted out. I've
thought about rewriting the makefiles completely, but there are no
real instructions that I can follow on how to get something libtool-ed.
Can anyone give me any assistance?

I've looked at the freebsd site and they have Mico in their pkgsrc tree,
however there is nothing that I can find about shared libs/libtool in

Any help would be appreciated,