Subject: Re: how long does it take?
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/23/1999 22:02:25
Hubert Feyrer wrote
> On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Berndt Josef Wulf wrote:
> > how long does it take for a package change request to be processed?
> > I upgraded a package for which the original change request isn't even
> > acted upon! (7019, 7029, 7155)
> Sorry, seems we're a little bit short on manpower... :(

Ok, I thought that this was something on that line... ;)

> > I would like to build up an archive pkg/ham for amateur radio 
> > applications to win back some of the hams to the netbsd platform...
> > 
> > What can be expected?
> Anything. :-)


> I've had a look on the PR, and it doesn't seem to follow the "common"
> struure of pkgs by putting everything into $PREFIX/tnt instead of
> $PREFIX/{bin,share/tnt,share/doc/tnt, ...}. Can you rework this, please?
> (Ree-submitting the PR with a new number and noting that it
> supercedes 7155 would be easierst). Thanks! 

I am working on this right now. This package has come a long way from
what it was and has seen lots of changes. The developers of tnt have
been very accommodating and implemented all changes required 
for the NetBSD port. They even adopted the autoconf/automake files which
I've supplied with the patches. We are now working on revamping its
tree structure which should come through with the impeding release of
tnt-1.8. The package currently runs on Linux, Solaris and NetBSD.

The problem with TNT is that it isn't just a terminal program
but also a amateur radio bbs which can be interfaced with other
ham-radio comms programms. This is the reason why it was installed
into /usr/pkg/tnt. It also allows remote execution of binaries and
scripts similiar to ftp. These binaries and scripts need to be
stored into a seperate directory to restrict access to only those
commands. Where would one install them? I am sure nobody wants them in

Also, where do unix sockets belong to, /tmp, /var/run or else?

Can I use /var/spool/tnt to create the tree structure needed for the
bbs? All those directories such as abin, bcast ctext newmail etc. pp.
where should they go? These are used to hold the downloaded/uploaded
messages e.g. mail forwarding via AX25.

TNT is in a similar situation as INN, APACHE, SQUID and MetaHTML
etc. pp.

This isn't an easy package to integrate and with no experience,
this is my first attempt to use the NetBSD-package system, I need 
your advice on this. I promised myself to bring amateur radio
software applications a step closer to the NetBSD community.

Those who have indulged with me to this point and have the time
and interest to put me "back on track"  a tarred pkgsrc is available

> For category "ham", I'd like to see at the very least a second package to
> fit there, else I'd put it into pkgsrc/net.

Well, I've got wampes and tfkiss already lined up, but I was waiting
for the succesful submission of my first package. Other packages
will follow as soon as I've completed tnt. Once this is done
correctly, maintaining this package will be easy...

I am sorry for this rather lengthy email!!!

Your help is very much appreciated 

73 -
cheerio Berndt
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