Subject: always keep a copy of the install script in /var/db/pkg
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/16/1999 14:30:40
I'd really like it if the package tools kept a copy of the install
script in /var/db/pkg (i.e. the +INSTALL file), *even* if the install is
done from a binary package (currently the install script is only kept
there if the install was done from pkgsrc).  It would be really handy to
be able to review it long after the fact to see what it might have done.

A theoretical example might be when someone is trying to manully upgrade
or re-install a tool that was once installed from a binary package for
which the archive is no longer available.

Another theoretical, but perhaps even more likely, example is the
ability to re-create a package archive *after* it has been installed and
the original archive lost.  Meeting this latter requirement might also
make package authors think a little harder about how their package
"works" and I think this might force people to be a little more careful
and not just create packages that can only be installed from pkgsrc.

It might also make packages a little easier to test too (compare the
resulting tar archives and make sure they are 100% identical).

I've not yet coded up anything to actually do this -- I wanted to
present the idea first because I have a nagging feeling that there might
be a few more wide-spread changes necessary in the pkg system in order
to make it actually work (esp. the idea of re-creating packages from an
installed system).

							Greg A. Woods

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