Subject: Re: Updating perl package to 5.00502
To: None <>
From: Martin J. Laubach <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/14/1999 11:15:16
| Perl's a bitch (and then you die .-)
| Serious: perl will probably install different sets of files on platforms
| which support dynamic loading vs. ones withoug DL, plus possibly another
| set on a.out vs. ELF. All this needs checking.

  Exactly. So here is something to play with

  The current status is: it patches and builds cleanly, it passes
the self test, it installs (unfortunately "they" changed where a
lot of the files go, gnagnagna) on i386.

  It doesn't deinstall cleanly (some directory is referenced both by
the MI and the MD part, I probably have mixed up something), I haven't
checked whether the MD-static part works, and the MD-static PLIST is
most certainly out of date.

  After installing and deinstalling it 23987 times I'm a bit tired of
that package, I can live with it not deinstalling cleanly, so _please_
someone with more insight take it over...


PS: Just as a side note, 5.00502 is not binary compatible to 5.00404,
    so you will need to reinstall all your perl modules. *sigh*