Subject: Re: Newbie questions
To: Timothy Coltman <>
From: Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/12/1999 01:19:02
Timothy Coltman wrote:

> out? Is it yet? I built gtk+-1.0.6 a while back, and I've also got
> 1.2.0 built too, however they don't seem to like living together. Should
> I rebuild 1.0.6 so that it takes into account the mods to the tree?

  Yes, you have to do that.  The old gtk+-1.0.6 package conflicted with
any newer gtk+ version.  This is now resolved, and gtk10 should happily
co-exist with gtk+-1.2.0.  You also have to rebuild any packages
depending on gtk10, as the corresponding libraries have been renamed to
avoid name-clashes with other gtk+ versions ...

> GIMP seems to hate 1.2.0, so I had to extract the 1.0.6 shared lib
> files from my 1.0.6 package and stick them in /usr/X11R6/lib, and use
> these with the 1.2.0 headers and assorted binaries. Is there a better
> solution?

  Yes, see above: from a current pkgsrc tree re-compile gtk10, then

> out a few times. How can I get them added to the pkgsrc tree? In
> the Packages.txt document, it states that you should use the 'sup'
> program to do this. Unfortunately I'm connected to the internet not

  No, this is the other way 'round.  See section 10 in Packages.txt:
make the package available somewhere and send a PR as described ...