Subject: Re: pkg_delete -R
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Stephen B. Salai <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/10/1999 11:56:38
Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> I've just committed code to pkg_delete to add a -R flag similar to what
> Chris Hopps' -r flag does, just the other way 'round:
>  -r: deletes a package and everything that depends on it.
>         Basically this let's one delete all these nasty packages that
>         depend on some library or "low level" package like gtexinfo with
>         one command.
>  -R: delete a package and all the packages it depends on.
>         This let's one remove all the packages that were installed when
>         adding some large package like KDE that comes with dozends of
>         inter-depending packages.
> The code's in -current right now, and I would like to get this into the
> pkgsrc/pkg_tools/pkg_install package soon, unless I hear complains (soon!).
> This code will allow a proper "make depend DEINSTALLDEPENDS=YES".
> Thanks to Chris Hopps for the -r code in the first place, which was a
> valuable source of information for this. :)
>  - Hubert
> --
> Hubert Feyrer <>

Does -R delete delete pkgs that other pkgs depend on?
Does it delete pkgs that were already built for other things at the time
the pkg we are talking about was built?

If there were a way to make -R just delete the pkgs it depends on that
nothing else depends on, that would be very nice.`