Subject: Re: pkg_admin rebuild destroys interdependency lists?
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Segmentation Violation. Core dumped. <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/08/1999 09:56:58
Hubert Feyrer sez:
 * You can't delete any package on which others depend. 
 * If you try to do so using the -f switch, this is what you deserve. :)

Gee, goten morgen to you too; wie geht's? :-/

 * Until we have some sane upgrading solution, deleting and reinstalling
 * everything is the only option we support. Sorry.

Hmmm.  Lemme think out loud here...

	pkg_upgrade [-p] old-pkg new-pkg
		copy old-pkg-required-by to a tmp file
		move all old-pkg stuff aside
		if (install all new-pkg stuff)
		    if (!preserve)
		    	blow away old stuff
		    	report where old stuff has moved to
		    copy tmp-old-pkg-required-by new-pkg-required-by

Did I miss anything (outside of the obvious check for disk space)?
(This could theoretically even be written in perl.)

Yeah, yeah, "Oh, good, you volunteered to write this!"
"Yes, in my Copious Spare Time [tm]!"

If someone else wants to run with this ball, that'd be great.  Otherwise,
when I get some free time, if I can figure this stuff out, I'll do it


The hard part is going to be analysing the flow of information into the 
pkg dbs.

America is quite possibly the only country to go from barbarism to
decadence without the requisite intervening period of civilisation.