Subject: GNMOE 1.0
To: None <>
From: Alex Dumitriu <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/07/1999 19:52:23
Greetings all, 

I am a new NetBSD user,and am stugling with GNOME 1.0.1.

It would seem I picked the wrong time to (quit amphetamines) install GNOME, I'm having all kinds of fun wedged between versions.

My question is, how do the pkgsrc distributions for gnome-core 1.0.1 and libgtop
1.0.1 work. The best info i can gleen seems to say they're up to date (thanks 
tron) but when i get the directories from they seem to be old versions 
(with old 
dependencies, using old distfiles). I'm sure i'm missing something woefully o
obvious. anyone want to help a floundering neophyte?

thanks kindly...
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