Subject: creating a pkg...?
To: None <>
From: Chief Anarchic Officer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/04/1999 19:45:00
I'm going through the man page on pkg_create, and I'm not grokking it
as far as package creation goes.  Is there a tool for creating a source
pkg, or is pkg_create it, and you do it the "hard" way?

...or is pkg_create for binaries only, and you create patches against
the original source (to put in the pkgsrc/$package/patches directory),
and hand-craft a top-level Makefile and the pkg/{DESCR,COMMENT,PLIST}
files and the /files/md5 signature file in order to make a source package?

If anyone requests a reason as to why Windows NT is inferior to UNIX,
refer them to the process scheduler, for starters.  Of course, users
don't care, and programmers try not to, even though they both should.
If that fails, reiterate that remote administration and control of a
node is a *good* thing, especially if network security is concerned.