Subject: c++rt0.o: -fpic vs -fPIC in kde
To: (NetBSD/sparc Maillist) <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/22/1999 15:39:43
	Compiling kdelibs from pkgsrc on NetBSD/sparc -current as of
	this weekend fails with:

/usr/bin/ld -Bshareable -o .libs/ kconfig.lo
kconfigbase.lo ksimpleconfig.lo kcolorgroup.lo kapp.lo kurl.lo ksock.lo
drag.lo kprocess.lo kprocctrl.lo klocale.lo libintl.lo fakes.lo
kiconloader.lo kdebug.lo kstdaccel.lo kwm.lo krootprop.lo kcharsets.lo
kcharsetsdata.lo kchartables.lo kstring.lo kpixmap.lo dither.lo kckey.lo
kaccel.lo kglobalaccel.lo kclipboard.lo krect.lo ksize.lo kpoint.lo
ld: /usr/lib/c++rt0.o: illegal reloc type mix

	c++rt0.o is compiled -fpic, all the .lo files are compiled -fPIC

	For now I've worked around this on my system by compiling
	c++rt0.o -fPIC, but this does raise the question of how to handle
	this on systems where -fpic != -fPIC.

	We could install both versions of c++rt0.o, and have pkglibtool
	DTRT automatically, or just switch everything across to -fPIC.

	Thoughts appreciated (before someone else gets bitten by this :)


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