Subject: two new packages
To: None <>
From: dustin sallings <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/22/1999 00:03:25
	So, I've got two packages I'd like to get into the tree.  Whom do
I send them to for review?  Currently, they exist in the following

	The VPN package relies on the pty-redir package and assumes it's
under misc.  If this is incorrect, I'll assume someone will let me know.
I put vpn under security.

	I also had a question...  How difficult would it be to make the
package system smart enough to be able to find a dependancy that was
installed outside of the package system?  It seems non-trivial seeing as
how the dependancies are referenced.  In my example, I had ssh in
/usr/local/bin/ssh but the package didn't exist, so it didn't go.  I use
kerberos5 with my ssh, and I don't believe that's how it builds out of
pkgsrc.  I've had similar problems with things that use perl.

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