Subject: Package building questions...
To: None <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/20/1999 19:13:36
Hi, all.

I've decided to learn how to contribute packages. One thing I'd like to
build is a particular mud server and library set. For security reasons,
this is typically run by user "mud".

Our web page says:

 * pkg/REQ:
   Require-script that is invoked before installation and de-installation
   to ensure things like certain accounts being available, user/sysadmin
   agreeing with usage policy, etc.

I don't seem to see this file anywhere in my pkgsrc tree, and it doesn't
appear to be further defined in the document. I assume that the right thing
to do is have the REQ script print a message about what it needs, and then
return non-zero, but if there's a more well-defined approach, I'll use it.

My questions:

1) Am I correct in assuming that the proper thing to do is to have a package
require the existance of a particular account, and refuse to build without
it, rather than blindly creating the account?

2) Should this check be done in .../pkg/REQ? If not, what's the appropriate

3) And is there an accepted way to allow a user to change such an account
name, if they wish? I would assume that setting the desired default in the
Makefile would work... Is it safe to assume that variables defined in the
Makefile exist for, e.g., .../pkg/REQ? I can find this out from the source,
but I'd be just as happy with commentary.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I've grown accustomed to a feature in fvwm2 2.1.7... Is there any
opposition to having our package source use this version? If not, I'll do
up a package, once I've gotten the basics down. That version, anyway,
compiles out of the box under NetBSD, I think. (I don't remember having
to do anything at all funky to make it work.)


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