Subject: Re: gtk mess
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/19/1999 21:13:23
>   As you all know, the current situation with gtk+-1.0.x vs. gtk+-1.1.x
> is quite a mess.  The last time I checked, we had exactly 7 packages
> requiring gtk+-1.1.x and 7 packages requiring gtk+-1.0.x.  Since
> gtk+-1.0.x and gtk+-1.1.x currently cannot co-exist, these sets are
> mutually exclusive, preventing people from using gimp at the same time
> as gnome, ethereal at the same time as xtraceroute, or the like.
>   I'd be willing to spend some time on making these two co-exist by
> installing the gtk/glib libraries and header files under unique names
> (and modifying the affected packages accordingly).  If there are any
> objections, please tell me, otherwise I will get to work and commit the
> required changes as soon as I have them ...

I had some mods around to do just that for gtk+-1.0 and gtk+-1.1, but the disk 
is somewhere on the floor around me at the moment. It would probably be best 
to re-implement the wheel here, and just re-do the changes, as I don't expect 
to have the machine re-assembled in the next week (and even then, it's going 
to my son's playgroup).

Isn't life fun?

Thanks for volunteering for this, BTW - this really needs to be fixed.

Take care,