Subject: A Question about PKG_TMPDIR (Was: Re: removing CONFLICTS abusing)
To: None <>
From: Bernd Salbrechter <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/18/1999 10:13:33
Thorsten Frueauf <> wrote:
> Hello, just a little addition...


>      pkg_add extracts each package's "packing list" into a special staging di-
>      rectory in /tmp (or $PKG_TMPDIR if set) and then runs through the follow-
>      ing sequence to fully extract the contents of the package:

Why not honore $TMPDIR or at least prefere /var/tmp over /tmp?

I think it is not a good idea that evry program have its own
environmetvariable to indicate where it temporary directory is. Becaus
this will fill up the environment space and makes adiministration more

My favorite way to find out where to put temporary files in will be:
  1. Check a package (proam) specific environmet variable, if you realy
     resits in need that.
  2. Check $TMPDIR.
  3. Type /var/tmp.
  4. If none of the previous work, use /tmp.

BTW. I was a little bit disapointed, because my last kernel build fails
in "make depend", by filling up / and the only way around I found was
to remove some backup kernels (They were much to many :-).

Thanks for reading this