Subject: Re: Trouble building KDEBASE
To: Job Hanssen <>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/17/1999 12:47:58

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> I'm trying to build KDE on my NetBSD-1.3.2 system, but up to now without
> luck. I have unpacked the package-sources  found on the Gateway! V3 CD's
> into /usr/pkgsrc, removed the directory distfiles, and made a softlink
> to the directory on CD-2 containing the distfiles (ln -s
> /mnt/cd1/packages/distfiles distfiles). This works pretty well for me
> and safes a lot of diskspace.

While this might work, its propably better to just set DISTDIR to
/mnt/cd1/packages/distfiles :)

> checking for KDE... libraries /usr/pkg/lib, headers /usr/pkg/include
                                ^^^^^^^^              ^^^^^^^^
> checking for kde headers installed... configure: error: your system is =
> not able to compile a small KDE application!
> Check, if you installed the KDE header files correctly.
> Stop.
> I DID of course check the headerfiles and they ARE in /usr/pkg/include.
> After all, kdelibs was build nicely.

Below you show your /etc/mk.conf. You do set PREFIX there - this is
the fault. Don't set PREFIX, just LOCALBASE. KDE expects the includes
in X11BASE. PREFIX gets set to either LOCALBASE ot X11BASE, depending
on where the pakcage is expected to go. If you overwrite PREFIX you
get strange effetcs like that.

> Also, just trying things, I unpacked (but not installed) the
> binary-package for kdelibs and cp'd all the *.h files into
> /usr/pkg/include, but still to no avail.

You really should not do such things. If you want to use binary
packages, use pkg_add(1) to install them.

> Could this have something to do with my entries in /etc/mk.conf?

Yes :)

> Kylian# cat /etc/mk.conf 
> LOCALBASE= /usr/pkg
> PREFIX= /usr/pkg
Just remove the entry for PREFIX.

> M68060= YES
> COPTS= -m68060

> Or do I miss something in /etc/

No, that one is ok.

> Suggestions anyone?

You might want to wait some days until Matthias Scheler finished the
KDE 1.1 integration. Then its maybe a better idea to fetch the current
pkgsrc tarball, or just install the binary packages if they get
available. The KDE version from the Gateway! CD had some problems on
m68k if I recall right.

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