Subject: Q: packages and groff macros, local deleopment and selftest.
To: None <>
From: Bernd Salbrechter <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/10/1999 14:15:48

Hi all!

I have some questions about making packages for some programs I found usefull.

Qustions about the package framework:

1. Where groff macro packages shuold be placed? I am affraid that groff
   will only search in /usr/share/tmac for it. At least an environment
   variable must be set to get macros form other places.

   BTW fonts look much more problematic to install. If I install a
   type1 font, I realy want to use it in groff, ghostscript and X11. If
   there are any ideas how to install fonts cleanly on NetBSD, I will
   be interested in it.

2. Whats the best way to handle packages I create localy? Because I need
   it also on non BSD systems, I must use the GNU package layout (autoconf,
   make). Should I develop the base package in a separate area and import it
   as an extarnal package, or should I leave it compleed in the tree? Whats
   whith the clean target, is the an easy way to teach to run make claen
   ind ${WRKDIR}, instate of removing it? If the development goes in the
   tree a traget to build the distfile will ne usefull.

3. I miss a way to run a selftest in the package from the make framework.
   It would be realy nice to have tartgets for
     - check
       A test befor the package get installed.
     - installcheck
       A test for the installed package. Some packages are not easy to
       test, whithout installing them before.
   I see this more as a long term marker, than a required now feature.

The package specific questions. I will list them as cataegory/packagename.

  * misc/nnfs - Non Network Filesystem
    A tool to hold directorietrees in synch on host that are not connected
    over a network, using Tapes or Flopppies.
    Problems: The selftest fails, because the timestamps of the files
      creted by a sequence of "echo text > file" commands are not in
      the right order. I have managed to get it runn, by adding ";
      toch file" to each "echo"-line.  It looks like the shell closing
      the filedescriptors at random order after a series of output
      redirections. Are there better ways to come around the probelm?

  * sysutils/batch
    A from lpd derived batch processor.
    Source: comp.sources.unix?
    Problems: It uses the "regexp.h" in a very wierd way, Saving internal
      pointers and so on. I didn't have found the includefile so far, it
      marked as "to be withdrawen) in XPG4. Have I missed an includefile
      or is there a package, where I can grap the functions?

Thanks for any help