Subject: packages/1.3.3/sparc *BROKEN*
To: None <>
From: Nathan Dorfman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/31/1999 14:10:46
The permissions on the 1.3.3 sparc packages are wrong on;
anonymous ftp user can't fetch them. This was throughly frustrating
earlier today -- there are not too many packages on there in the first
place and I hoped to at least get tcsh quick, and build the rest. Not
only can I not get them from, but I tried damn near every
mirror listed on {www}/Sites/index.html, and came up with things like
empty directories, symlinks pointing to nowhere, no packages tree, etc.

----rw----  1 1158  netbsd   114928 Jan 29 13:31 bison-1.25.tgz
----rw----  1 1158  netbsd   185746 Jan 29 13:32 gmake-3.77.tgz
----rw----  1 1158  netbsd   367366 Jan 29 13:33 gtexinfo-3.12.tgz
----rw----  1 1158  netbsd  1025883 Jan 29 13:34 openldap-1.1.4.tgz
----rw----  1 1158  netbsd   284745 Jan 29 13:35 tcsh-6.08.00.tgz
ftp> get tcsh-6.08.00.tgz
550 tcsh-6.08.00.tgz: Permission denied.

Speaking of which, since there aren't too many packages compiled for
1.3.3/sparc, I can volunteer to make some packages on my ss2 -- it
doesn't do anything but sit on my desk at night anyway. I don't know
how you guys decide where published binaries come from, though. But,
I offered :-)
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