Subject: Re: Package Paths Proposal v2
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: I presume I need no introduction. <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/26/1999 00:39:57
Greg A. Woods sez:
 * Another of the more subtle advantages of keeping the entire base OS in a
 * single filesystem becomes rampantly apparent to anyone who's been
 * frustrated by trying to repair a system with a dead /usr (because it's
 * on a separate spindle).  Sure we can all learn to get by on the bare
 * necessities, but when it only takes another 60-80 MB to get the benefits
 * of the entire suit of system utilities, why be frustrated?????

Hey, if you want to *do* this, do it.  I just don't want to see it
mandated via hier(7).

And the "bare necessities" under pure BSD are a helluva lot nicer than
those under StunOS or Slowaris.

 * >    SunOS 4 also
 * > needed to have /usr mounted to do system recovery if I remember
 * > correctly, whereas that didn't seem to be required on a system
 * > adhering to the 4.3 hier(7) setup.
 * I've managed to recover SunOS-4 systems with only the tools in /(root),
 * but it wasn't as easy as it could have been because mistakes were made
 * and most SunOS-4 distributions have some dynamic binaries in /sbin.

Notably mknod.  Ever see what happens when you lose /dev/zero?

 * Anyway, unless someone forks off yet another *BSD it's unlikely that
 * full merging of /(root) and /usr will ever be anything more than an
 * academic discussion (at least in *BSD-land -- GNU Hurd and/or GNU/Linux
 * may be another story!).

So what's stopping you from starting up WoodsBSD? :-)

#define slight_peeve
Pardon my edginess at this, but your System V/other-than-BSD tendencies
are _really_ obvious.  If you want something else than BSD, you know
where to find it, and many of the features present in NetBSD are also
present there.  You're free to go there and enjoy them.

I use NetBSD because it is Berkeley.   Political or not, there is
a certain feel that BSD has, and it's one with which I, as a systems
administrator and programmer, have come to know and love.  I don't get
to deal with it "in real life" because everyone else uses Solamis or
HPUcch or AIX & Panes or SGIrix or Linux, which have a more Imperial
flavour for which I do not care.

And yes, Greg, it's late, and yes, I still have enjoyed the discourses
you've presented.  The food for thought is definitely there, and there
are some points which make sense.  There are other points which are
of personal preference which don't make sense to the progress of this
project, in my (usually humble) opinion.

#undef slight_peeve


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