Subject: Re: netscape (binary package)
To: Julian Assange <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/13/1999 20:43:59
	I'd _like_ to do that, unfortunately though virtually all of it
	is sharable, some is not. For example between the sunos and bsdi
	communicator 4.5 distributions:

    Differing files:
	netscape	The main binary - fine, libexec
	vreg		Registration program - libexec should be ok	App defaults - do not want to install in X11
	movemail	Hmm - probably expects this in $MOZILLA_HOME

    Only in sparc version:
	netscape_dns		No worries

	I think spraying the files around is going to cause more pain than
	its worth - particularly as netscape seems so happy with $MOZILLA_HOME


	"Its just another ultimate battle of good against evil..."

On 12 Jan 1999, Julian Assange wrote:

> It it's called by a wrapper, it should be in $PREFIX/libexec. All of the platform
> independent material should go in $PREFIX/share. There shouldn't be anything left
> to go in lib.
> Cheers,
> Julian.