Subject: Re: Package paths: consensus?
To: Thorsten Frueauf <>
From: Not for internal consumption <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/09/1999 16:48:19
Thorsten Frueauf sez:
 * I see only few packages who really make sense to have their configs in
 * /etc (every package that is configured by host *only*, like ssh and
 * its keys). But the majority can have the config files in /usr/pkg/etc.
 * They belong there - I know where to look and they don't polute
 * /etc and give me a nightmare when I update the OS, where I have to
 * merge in the new /etc.

1.  There is no currently automatable way to update /etc as it stands
now; we have to do it manually anyway.

2.  Config files in /etc which are used by packages will likely only
be used by packages unless NetBSD has chosen to integrate them into
the base system, so you're unlikely to overwrite them until you install
the next version of the package, and even then the pkg system will
probably not overwrite them.

I'm with using /usr/${PKGDIR}/{bin,sbin,man} and keeping to /etc and
/var as appropriate (I'm sure my intentions can be sorted, here).

 * Just my two cents, greets

Here's your change. :-)


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