Subject: Changes to the Packages Collection in December 1998.
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/07/1999 13:49:49
Changes to the Packages Collection in December 1998

In December, we had a few notable additions:  bladeenc, dt, ethereal,
glade, libperl, netatalk, pgp5, R, rtf2latex, wm-themes, and zope;
whilst notable updates to packages include:  afterstep, apache,
fetchmail, glib/gtk, glimpse, most of GNOME, ImageMagick, jdk, kaffe,
qt, samba2, squid, tkman, windowmaker, wine, xpaint and zope.

I must extend my thanks to all the packages dudes for their excellent
work throughout 1998 - without them, you wouldn't have a useful thing
like the packages collection.  Also, thanks to David Brownlee for
producing the HTMLed package changes document - as always, it can be
found in

Alistair G. Crooks
Thu Jan  7 21:33:08 GMT 1999

Additions to the Packages Collection

	Added abacus-0.9.13 [frueauf 1998-12-13]
Spread sheet for X Window System.

	Added abs-0.4 [frueauf 1998-12-05]
a free spreadsheet with graphical user interface.

	Added ap-perl-1.16 [tv 1998-12-04]
Module that embeds a Perl interpreter into Apache

	Added ap-ssl-2.1.2 [tv 1998-12-04]
Secure Sockets Layer module for Apache.

	Added asapm-2.3 [frueauf 1998-12-03]
Laptop battery status display for X11.

	Added beav 1.40.11 [bad 1998-12-20]
Binary Editor And Viewer, a full featured binary file editor.

	Added bladeenc-0.76 [tv 1998-12-27]
Free MPEG Audio Layer 3 encoder (not decoder)

	Added cdk-4.9.6 [garbled 1998-12-01]
the Curses Development Kit

	Added dt-1.1.6 [frueauf 1998-12-05]
Virtual consoles for NetBSD/mac68k (and macppc?).

	Added eperl-2.2.14 [tv 1998-12-05]
Interpreter/preprocessor for Perl embedded in text documents

	Added ethereal-0.5.0 [hubertf 1998-11-23]
A network protocol analyzer

	Added glade-0.3.9 [frueauf 1998-12-31]
a user interface builder for GTK+.

	Added libperl-5.00404 [tv 1998-12-01]
PERL core library as a shared object

	Added netatalk-19981109 [agc 1998-12-26]
University of Michigan's netatalk, for AppleTalk interworking

	Added p5-Apache-ASP-0.05 [tv 1998-12-04]
perl5/Apache module of Perl-coded Active Server Pages

	Added p5-Apache-ePerl-2.2.14 [tv 1998-12-05]
perl5/Apache module of an ePerl text parser

	Added p5-MLDBM-2.00 [tv 1998-12-04]
perl5 module for storing arbitrary data in tied hashes

	Added pgp-5.0i [frueauf 1998-12-31]
PGP 5i (international version).

	Added py-imaging [tsarna 1998-12-26]
PIL, the Python Imaging Library

	Added R-0.63.0 [frueauf 1998-12-04]
a language for data analysis and graphics.

	Added rtf2latex-1.5 [tron 1998-12-30]
A filter that converts RTF (MS's Rich Text Format) into LaTeX.

	Added sdbm-90.12.1 [tv 1998-12-08]
Substitute DBM, an implementation of the `real' ndbm library

	Added siag-3.1.0 [hubertf 1998-12-04]
Poor man's Office with spreadsheet, word processor and presentation generator

	Added titrax-1.98 [hwr 1998-12-08]
Little X11 tool to track project times.

	Added wm-themes-0.20.x [tron 1998-12-05]
Themes for the window manager WindowMaker.

	Added xflame-1.1 [hubertf 1998-12-05]
Draws a flame on the screen.

	Added xinvest-2.5.1 [garbled 1998-12-26]
a personal finance tracking and performance tool.

	Added xisp-2.5p4 [frueauf 1998-12-03]
User-friendly X11 interface to pppd/chat.

	Added xquote-1.1 [garbled 1998-12-26]
a WWW ticker symbol quote retrieval program.

	Added zenicb-19981202 [thorpej 1998-12-08]
An ICB client for Emacs.

	Added zope-1.9.9b2 [tsarna 1998-12-12]
Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment

	Added zope-mysql 1.0.5 [tsarna 1998-12-19]
Zope Database Adaptor for MySQL

Changes to the Packages Collection

	Updated abs to 0.5 [frueauf 1998-12-22]
a free spreadsheet with graphical user interface.

	Updated afterstep to 1.6.0 [tron 1998-12-28]
a NeXT-like window manager for X11

	Updated apache to 1.3.3 [tv 1998-12-04]
The Apache web server (

	Updated ap-fastcgi to 2.0.18 [tv 1998-12-04]
A new, improved CGI-like interface module for Apache.

	Removed apache-modssl [tv 1998-12-04]
Old SSL module for Apache

	Updated clusterit to 1.2 [garbled 1998-12-14]
A clustering package for unix

	Updated ddd to 3.1 [frueauf 1998-12-03]
	Updated ddd to 3.1.1 [frueauf 1998-12-07]
	Updated ddd to 3.1.2 [frueauf 1998-12-21]
Data Display Debugger -- a common graphical front-end for GDB/DBX/XDB

	Updated fetchmail to 4.6.9 [frueauf 1998-12-02]
	Updated fetchmail to 4.7.0 [frueauf 1998-12-17]
	Updated fetchmail to 4.7.1 [frueauf 1998-12-19]
	Updated fetchmail to 4.7.2 [frueauf 1998-12-29]
batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap.

	Updated freeciv to 1.7.2 [frueauf 1998-12-26]
A free Civilization clone for Unix and X.

	Updated geda to 19981213 [frueauf 1998-12-31]
a toolset for automating electronic design.

	Updated gettext to 0.10.35 [tron 1998-12-23]
tools for providing messages in different languages

	Updated glib to 1.1.9 [tron 1998-12-19]
Some useful routines for C programming.

	Updated glimpse to 4.1 [frueauf 1998-12-03]
Text search engine

	Updated gnome-libs to 0.99.0 [tron 1998-12-29]
libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gtk+ to 1.1.9 [tron 1998-12-19]
The gimp toolkit. Libraries for building X11 user interfaces.

	Updated ImageMagick to 4.1.6 [tron 1998-12-15]
a package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated imlib to 1.8.1 [tron 1998-12-13]
	Updated imlib to 1.8.2 [tron 1998-12-21]
an image manipulation library for X11.

	Updated jdk to 1.1.6b2 [frueauf 1998-12-04]
Sun's Java(tm) Development Kit.

	Updated kaffe to 1.0.b3 [frueauf 1998-12-08]
Virtual machine capable of running Java(tm) code.

	Updated moscow_ml to 1.43 [frueauf 1998-12-04]
Moscow ML, a version of Standard ML.

	Updated mutt to 0.95 [tron 1998-12-12]
text-based MIME mail client with PGP support

	Updated ORBit to 0.3.90 [tron 1998-12-19]
high-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language

	Updated p5-MIME-Base64 to 2.09 [tv 1998-12-04]
perl5 module for Base64 and Quoted-Printable encodings

	Re-enable py-* packages on alpha [tsarna 1998-12-17]
Fixed LP64 problems with Python bindings

	Improved ELF support in python [tsarna 1998-12-16]
An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.

	Updated qt to 1.42 [tron 1998-12-29]
A C++ X GUI toolkit.

	Updated R to 0.63.1 [frueauf 1998-12-21]
a language for data analysis and graphics.

	Updated samba2 to 2.0beta3 [bouyer 1998-12-11]
	Updated samba2 to 2.0beta4 [bouyer 1998-12-17]
A LanManager(R)-compatible server suite for Unix

	Updated siag to 3.1.2 [hubertf 1998-12-25]
Poor man's Office with spreadsheet, word processor and presentation generator

	Updated squid to 2.0.PATCH2 [tron 1998-12-06]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Updated sudo to 1.5.7p4 [frueauf 1998-12-13]
Allow others to run commands as root.

	Updated tkman to 2.1b2 [frueauf 1998-12-03]
A Tcl/Tk based manual browser

	Updated unzip to 5.40 [hubertf 1998-12-27]
List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive.

	Updated windowmaker to 0.20.3 [tron 1998-12-05]
This window manager is a GNUStep-compliant NeXTStep clone.

	Updated wine to 981211 [tv 1998-12-13]
Beta Windows (3.1x, 95, NT) emulator

	Updated xflame to 1.1.1 [hubertf 1998-12-27]
Draws a flame on the screen.

	Updated xlispstat to 3.52.9 [frueauf 1998-12-21]
a statistics/X11 based lisp interpreter.

	Updated xmame to 0.34b8.1 [mycroft 1998-12-15]
X11 emulator for old arcade machine ROMs

	Updated xpaint to 2.5.6 [christos 1998-12-19]
A simple paint program.

	Updated xpdf to 0.80 [frueauf 1998-12-20]
Display tool for PDF files.

	Updated zope to 1.9.0b3 [tsarna 1998-12-17]
	Updated zope to 1.9.0 [tsarna 1998-12-23]
Zope, the Z Object Publishing Environment

	Update zope-mysql to 1.1.0 [tsarna 1998-12-23]
Zope Database Adaptor for MySQL

Miscellaneous Changes

	Add support for custom, per-category targets by
		setting PKG_MISC_TARGETS in pkgsrc/category/Makefile
		[hubertf 1998-12-06]
	Create a results target in benchmarks [garbled 1998-12-26]