Subject: RE: some packages don't work well with MANZ unset...
To: Alistair Crooks <>
From: I presume I need no introduction. <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/24/1998 09:06:55

Please forgive my strong wording ("shoddy"); I will agree with your point
that I have assumed too much.  Overall, I like the package system.
I will say, then, in a form reduced in emotion and hopefully increased
in logic, that the wording within the file is a bit misleading to the
average programmer, and the manner in which the variables are used seems
a bit inconsistent.

Please accept my apology.  pkgsrc beats the hell out of going and
figuring out that all this stuff is out there and retrieving it
manually.  That's a lot of legwork.

And for anyone who can pick nits on our current pkg system overall,
or even Solaris' pkgadd stuff, both of them probably work a lot better
than a homegrown system.  Trust me -- I've had to write one, and it got
so convoluted so fast that I was doomed to maintain it until the team on
which I was convinced the hiring party that "pkgadd is a MUCH better
solution for installing programs than the one I've written" (the original
argument was that it had to possibly run on Solaris, AIX and NT.  This
requirement was dropped and I was released from interminable servitude!).

My apologies for offending ANYone.  Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or
however it's supposed to be spelled, Happy Solstice and, for you geeks,


[please don't drop me a lump of coal in the form of a fried CPU :-)]

System V Release 4 /MIS tem FIVE re LEES FORE/ n. 1.  An operating system so
hideously huge, bloated and driven by marketing rather than performance or
functionality that it has outlived its own usefulness (we hope).  See
"Wrong Answer, The".